Mobbad av Knesset, får stöd av franska gröna

Press Release of the 19th September 2010

Support for Mrs Haneen Zoabi, Knesset deputy


On Monday 13th September Mrs Haneen Zoabi , an Israeli citizen and courageous deputy of the Arab, lay Balad party with 3 Knesset deputies representing the Palestinian minority, met with the French Greens in their head office in Paris.

They were represented by Brigitte Brozio, head of international relations, Nicole Kiil-Nielsen, European deputy, and Jérôme Gleizes, head of the transnational committee.

They gave Mrs Haneen Zoabi their unequivocal support. She was part of the peace flotilla attacked by Israeli commandos on 31st May, and on her return most Knesset deputies, including some from so-called « moderate » parties hatefully labelled her a traitor and a terrorist. At the conclusion of parliamentary debate, the Israeli parliament voted to strip her of certain parliamentary rights such as a diplomatic passport.

Today, Mrs Haneen Zoabi's security is threatened. She told us she was worried about the anti-democratic turn the State of Israël had taken, no longer caring about its international image. Impervious to official international condemnation, it continues to detain Palestinians behind walls, blocks the creation of a viable Palestinian State and persists in colonization. Mrs Zoabi feels that defining Israël as a Jewish State is anti-democratic and will reduce Palestinians in Israël to the status of second class citizens.

The Greens assured Mrs Zoabi of their unfailing support for all those working towards democracy in Israël and respect for international law and the Palestinian people, including Palestinian citizens in Israël. They are therefore members of the Committee for a Just and Lasting Peace between Palestinians and Israelis, support the BDS campaign (Boycott Disempowerment Sanctions), and demand that the UE-Israël association be abolished by applying article 2.

The French Greens call on the Israeli government to guarantee the physical security of Mrs Hanneen Zoabi and the free democratic expression of all elected representatives of the Israeli people.


The French Greens

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